Bette & Joan – Audition – 14 Jun 2020

Please be aware this audition may be cancelled or postponed at any time. Any changes will be posted here.

[season: 11th September 2020 – 26th September 2020]

Audition Details:

When: Sunday, 14th June 2020 : 2:00pm
Location: Javeenbah Theatre.

‘Bette&Joan’: Casting Requirements:

Two actresses late 50s- early 60s.

Since both characters are based on real people, a degree of imitation of Bette Davis and/or Joan Crawford is required.

Accurate voice / speech for both Davis and Crawford.

An ‘openness’ on auditionees’ part to work improvisationally.

Audition requirements:

The audition comprises 2 elements:

  • A character monologue which must be learned.
  • A ‘Cold Read’ from a section of the script.

Bette: (p58) Monologue

(see attached monologue: ‘Bette 1’):

from: ‘The greatest man I evah met….’

to: ‘I’d never felt so wanted, so possessed’

Joan: (p60) Monologue

(see attached monologue: ‘Joan 1’):

from: ‘When I took my place before the cameras….’

to: ‘…there must always be beauty and glamour.’

Please contact Rob Horton (Director) to arrange audition time:
m: 0425 896582 e: