Murderer – Audition

Audition Details

When: Sunday, 27th January 2019 at 2:00pm
Location: Javeenbah Theatre.

Murderer (season July 19th to August 3rd)
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Norman Bartholomew (30’s – 40’s)
* smooth, good looking
* artist
* believes murder is an art
* spends his time reconstructing famous murders with the help of his young mistress
** partial nudity

Millie Sykes (early 20’s)
* attractive, seductive
* is involved in a murder plot
** partial nudity

Elizabeth Bartholomew (30’s – 40’s)
* attractive
* gynaecological surgeon
* Norman’s wife
* carries herself with competence and authority
** partial nudity

Sergeant Stenning (any age)
* local woodentop
* suspicious but confused

‘Murderer’, like its predecessor ‘Sleuth’, is on the surface another of Anthony Shaffer’s sizzling thrillers. Opening with one of the most horrifying scenes ever devised for the stage, the play unfolds. Constantly shifting, twisting, beguiling and witty; it’s a compelling drama, forever shunning the obvious and culminating in a terrifying climax.

Shaffer explores the very nature of murder, examining the peculiar relationship between murderer and victim. His portrayal of Bartholomew looks into what murder is all about – why are we so attracted to this foul and unnatural act?

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