Obsession Audition

Audition Details

Audition date: August 13, 2017.

Registrations open at 1:30 PM and auditions commence at 2:00 PM.

Audition venue: Javeenbah Theatre.


When Lily and Tom inherit an old house, they are over the moon about having a place to raise their baby when it is born. However, as they set about restoring the dilapidated family home to its former glory, they begin to wonder if the house was more of a curse than a gift. With muddy water, shocking electricity problems, pest infections, foundation issues and meddling family members, the couple quickly begin to second-guess their decision to take on the “renovators delight”.

When Lily stumbles upon a family heirloom with a dark history she finds herself obsessed with the item and seeks to uncover the troubled secrets in her family’s past. As she starts getting in too deep Tom soon discovers that living in a house that is falling down around them is the least of their worries…

Obsession is an amusingly haunting story about a perfect couple, their unusual families and a past that will not let go.

Character Breakdowns

Lily  20-32

First time mother-to-be, intelligent, tom-boy type who refuses to wear a skirt or be considered a wilting flower. She will not let pregnancy change her into someone who needs help doing anything. She’s a loving wife. Her personality changes drastically in second act due to a possession (not scary, more humorous but demeanour alters from modern feminist to conservative house-wife). Actress must be willing to embody two personalities in one character – and have fun with it!

Tom 20-32

A sweet, intelligent man with a great sense of humour who is happy to let his wife run the household. A bit of a pushover, like his father. His relationship with Lily is his whole world and he will do anything for her.

Helen 45-65

Tom’s mother. A meddling, know it all, conservative, busy body who believes women should stay at home and take care of the household. She is your typical monster-in-law who claims to only ever “mean well”. Her comments are snarky and she is disliked by most of the family, especially her ex-husband Brian who is not afraid to admit he is scared of her.

Fiona 45-65

Lily’s mother. A carefree hippy who believes sage will cleanse a house and Feng-Shui scares away negative energy. She is the opposite of Helen in every way and is actually liked by the family. She is an intelligent woman with some eccentric beliefs. When Helen is around she likes to annoy her by overdoing her Hippy ways.

Brian 45-65

Tom’s father & Helen’s ex-husband. A beaten down, wimp of a man who is scared of his own shadow and has no back bone but definitely has a sense of humour about life. He is much of the comic relief in the play with his fear of spiders, ghosts and Helen.

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