When The Rain Stops Falling – Audition

Audition Details

Audition date: Sunday, 8th October 2017.

Registrations open at 9:30 AM and auditions commence at 10:00 AM.

Audition venue: Javeenbah Theatre.

Contact director Kaela Gray for any queries, a copy of the play or audition pieces: graela.kay@gmail.com / 04 1185 9553

When the Rain Stops Falling is a piece of shifting time frames and ripple effects that stretch through the generations of one family. Secret legacies quietly affect lives as the characters each try to cope with the hands they have been dealt. This powerful drama unfolds with humanity, surprising humour and hope, as the past plays out into the future.


Gabriel York (50’s) *Australian accent*
restless wanderer, grew up in the shadow of events he doesn’t understand, never knew his real father

Elizabeth Law, the elder (50’s-60’s) *London accent*
alcoholic, lived her life in despair after her husband left, unable to be truthful with her son and their relationship has suffered greatly

Elizabeth Law, the younger (30’s) *London accent*
intelligent woman living the archetypal female role of her time, a late-in-life mother who loves her husband and son deeply

Henry Law (40’s) *London accent*
seemingly typical family man, harbouring a dark secret that will affect each character greatly

Gabriel Law (20’s-30’s) *London accent*
resilient, positive despite his strained upbringing with emotionally distant mother, bold spirit

Gabrielle York, the elder (50’s-60’s) *Australian accent*
has Alzheimer’s, trapped in limbo between an excruciating past and undesired present

Gabrielle York, the younger (20’s) *Australian accent*
living in the middle of nowhere, unable to release herself from the traumatic ties that bind her to this place, but desperately wanting change and happiness

Joe Ryan (50’s-60’s) *Australian accent*
deeply loves his wife, knowing that he’ll always be second best to her lost love, kind and loyal

Andrew Price (20’s-30’s) *Australian accent*
long estranged from his father, curious – seeking understanding