Sweet Road – Auditions

Auditions for “Sweet Road”

The following pieces will be used for Auditions for “Sweet Road” to be held on Sunday 11 December at 2.00pm at Javeenbah Theatre.

Please note that it may not be necessary to use the entire piece on each occasion.

I am also providing a short description of each character to be auditioned.

The very small roles of the Mechanic, Phone Caller and Motel Receptionist will be played by the SM and ASM and so will not be open for audition.


Enquiries may be made to the Director, Gaye Gay, on 0407 537 044 or grantandgaye@bigpond.com



ANDY: 30+ A real Aussie bloke who wakes up every morning believing “his ship will be coming in today”. He has a smile on his face, would give you the shirt off his back and while he loves his family beyond belief, he is totally irresponsible in the decisions he makes regarding their welfare.

Audition piece: Pages 8 – 10 (with Carla) & Pages 13 -15 (with Mechanic and Carla).


CARLA: 25+ She would do anything for the Andy and her children and has carried the weight of responsibility of the marriage for too many years. In the course of the play the character will be challenged with the prospect of going it alone.

Audition piece: Pages 8 – 10 (with Andy) & Page 34 from ‘ten, twenty …till end of page


JO: 25+ A real hard worker at life, optimistic and ready to lend a hand to anyone in need.

Audition piece: Pages 1 – 3 & Page 17 from ‘It’s so incredibly beautiful…..’ to page 19 (with Yasmin)


MICHAEL: 30+ Could be described as a “good sort of a bloke”, who has had a bad hand dealt to him. He is having a tough time dealing with life.

Audition piece: Pages 26 – 27 & Pages 54 to page 55 until …’anyway, it looks warm’ & Page 83


YASMIN: 18+ Lives life in the moment. Totally believes in LOVE and is too young to understand the consequences of her day to day decisions.

Audition piece: Page 17 from ‘It’s so incredibly …..’ to page 19 (with Jo)


FRANK: Retired – 60+. Still grieving for his late wife, but determined to “get on with life”.

Audition piece: Pages 19 – 21 (with Andy and Carla)


CURTIS: Young. Every play has to have a villain and Curtis is ours. A druggie and opportunist, who is looking for a quick-fix.

Audition piece: Pages 39 – 42 (with Andy and Carla)


POLICEWOMAN: Any age. She is an old fashion country cop, who is ready to help those in need, but still aware that the law must be upheld.

Audition piece: Pages 48 – 50 (with Carla).


Please contact Director Gaye Gay, on 0407 537 044 or grantandgaye@bigpond.com