The Kingfisher Audition

Audition Details

19th February at 2:00pm

Javeenbah Theatre

Brief Synopsis

The Kingfisher tells the story of an aging romantic who waits fifty years to rekindle an old flame, despite the disapproval of his manservant.


All characters are aged fifty plus. The characters may be aged down to late forties, auditionees dependent.

Sir Cecil Warburton

Aging playboy and successful author. Cecil has built his life around the tree where they first met and has waited fifty years for an opportunity for a second chance to present itself.

Evelyn Rivers

Aging socialite. She has been married for fifty years to man she never loved, due to social standing. After her husband’s funereal she receives an invitation to meet with Cecil.


The butler. The story is told from the butler’s point of view. This character must have good comic skills and timing as it’s the little actions that will make the audience giggle and laugh. Hawkins has a relationship with his master that has spanned fifty years and along the way something deeper has formed between master and servant– a couple almost married? Hawkins’ love and devotion is overlooked and taken for granted by his master…especially when Evelyn appears on the scene.

Calling all romantics at heart!

How long would you wait for a second chance with the one who got away and what would you do if that opportunity presented itself again? Have you ever thought about a person, over the years, wondering if they have changed from the person you once thought they were? Or have you ever been so close to someone but they overlook you for that one person you know, deep down, they are not right for but are unable to tell them because you respect and love them deeply?

The Kingfisher is written by William Douglas Home and explores the above concept and emotions.

Interested in expressing and being earnest about feelings, love, commitment and old fashioned values?

Interested in offering a glimpse into the world of the class conscious, the privileged, servants and the ubiquitous eccentricities of those who have the inability to look after themselves without servants?

Interested in having a fun and challenging time with this dialogue-driven romantic comedy?

So, are you interested?! Contact Nathan Schulz on mobile 0434 588 238 or via email for more information and audition pieces.