The Penelopiad – Audition

Audition Details

When: Monday, 18th February 2019 at 7:00pm (please note new date and time).
Location: Javeenbah Theatre.

The Penelopiad (season 24th May to 8th June)

Email director Kaela Gray for audition pack.


Penelope (20’s to 40’s) – under-estimated, under-appreciated Grecian noblewoman
– wife of fabled Odysseus
* please note, this role requires an actor who can commit to a substantial part. Penelope’s text is laden with monologues and she is the main “voice” of this piece.
Telemachus: Penelope’s willful teenage son
Odysseus: Penelope’s absent husband
Melantho of the Pretty Cheeks: Penelope’s most trusted maid
Antinous: the main suitor
Naiad mother: Penelope’s divine mother
Eurycleia: devoted servant of Odysseus
Oracle: foreseer of Penelope’s birth
Icarius: Penelope’s father
Laertes: father of Odysseus
Anticleia: mother of Odysseus
Helen of Troy: Penelope’s cousin

Atwood’s work is a true ensemble piece, with each actor undertaking multiple roles; these include male and female characters. There will be choreographed movement (as opposed to dancing) and simple singing. A large ensemble is sought for the piece.

Beginning in Hades, we meet Penelope as she tells us the story of her life. Through this, we hear the other side of Homer’s ‘Illiad’, learning just what it took to keep the kingdom of Ithaca intact. With her maids’ cunning help, Penelope is able to stave off persistent, unwanted suitors. For this, however, her maids pay a brutal and unexpected price.