A New Committee has been Elected

A few words from our new president Jocelyn Moore-Carter

Some of you know me quite well though for some of you I am a new face. I have certainly been around Javeenbah for many, many years. I first did a production at Javeenbah prior to what became known as The Coup. At that time, whilst we had our own building ‘at the top of the hill’ it was just the old temporary classroom from St Hilda’s (or was that TSS?). I must have only been about twenty or so then and, like many young members, I had my moment on stage and then vanished into the ether. As a much more mature mid-twenty something, I met Trevor Love through the Gold Coast Secondary Schools’ Drama Festival. He invited me to come and audition for a play he was about to direct, Bazar and Rummage. I was cast as Bell,  the Scottish concert pianist, and I have never looked back since. I have been here for various extensions and renovations, the terrible fire and the subsequent re-build and many logo changes and rebrandings.

I have held various committee positions over (I think) about twenty five years. I started as a general committee member, then assistant secretary and secretary for many years, under many presidents. After the passing of our dear friend and past president Alistair Beer, I also took over writing the newsletter – back in the days when it was paper and we had to post them out!  I have just taken a lovely walk down memory lane looking at some of these, remembering the interviews I conducted with many of our members to find interesting fodder for our readers.

Whilst I took a short break from committee with the birth of my girls, I took a longer break from the stage, and although I have directed sporadically over the last few years I only returned on stage this year, in After January.

I do direct a lot of plays at Trinity Lutheran College, where I have held many positions (drama teacher always a constant!) so it was nice to be on the other ‘less stressful’ side and to work with some old and new theatre friends. I am also president of the Gold Coast Secondary Schools’ Drama Festival (yes, the one where I met Trevor all those years ago) so I am fully immersed in community drama.

I know the role of president of my beloved theatre is a hectic one – I have worked alongside so many over the years – and I hope I can steer our ship ably and safely for the next twelve months.  I thank you for entrusting me with this position and I know that with the support of the wonderful and enthusiastic committee we can continue to grow and provide shows that are always entertaining.

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