Stellar local cast take centre stage in Aussie gem at Javeenbah Theatre

Next up in Javeenbah Theatre’s diverse 2016 season is After January. Adapted from the Nick Earls novel and written by Philip Dean, After January is a play about what happens when you stop waiting for life to happen and begin to live it.

Alex Delaney (played by Ethan Robinson) has 18 days of waiting before he knows the answer which will determine the course of his life. The waiting seems unbearable until he meets a girl, Fortuna (Josie Cross)… After January is a touching and realistic portrayal of the awkwardness, inexperience and innocence of first love.

Robinson and Cross are joined by a hilarious assembly of familiar faces to Gold Coast Theatre, playing the interfering and over enthusiastic adults including Janet Thwaites, Barry Gibson and Jodie Barnes. Also taking the stage, as Fortuna’s very excitable and generally embarrassing Dad is Bruce Alker Jnr and undoubtedly the most cringe-worthy of over involved mothers, Jocelyn Moore-Carter.

Director and Gold Coast Theatre regular, Amy-Louise Anderson says Audiences can expect some authentic 90’s Australian nostalgia.

“Audiences can expected to hear an authentic Australian voice that speaks of a culture we understand. It is a QLD play set on the sunny coast with references we can all relate to.” Ms Anderson said.

“Being set in the 90’s makes this a period piece and as a 90’s teen I am really embracing that. No teens with mobile phones but instead people dropping by to visit, a simpler time to be approaching adulthood,” she said.

This is the second time Javeenbah Theatre has staged After January and the second time it has been directed by Amy-Louise Anderson.

“The first time was over 10 years ago and I was a relatively new and young director and I approached it very differently.” Ms Anderson said.

“Audiences who loved it the first time will get the same warm and fuzzy glow from it but it’s a very different production. Now that I am the mum of a teenage boy, I can bring new understanding to the challenges and joys of that battlefield.” She said.

“You’ve seen a million Rom Coms on screen but this one is really very true to its place on stage. It brings together Alex and his upper middle class Brisbane parents and Fortuna and her mountain hippy family and throws them all together in a story about families and love and growing up.” Ms Anderson said.

After January runs Friday 22nd July – Saturday 6th August.
Tickets are available now at or call 07 5596 0300.
Javeenbah Theatre is located on Cnr Stevens St, Ferry St, Nerang.


  • Alex – Ethan Robinson
  • Fortuna – Josie Cross
  • Tessa – Jocelyn Moore-Carter
  • Cliff – Bruce Alker Jnr
  • Gail – Jodie Barnes
  • Len – Janet Thwaites
  • Fred – Barry Gibson