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Thank you for your interest in Javeenbah Theatre Company’s future productions.

Before you audition, please take the time to read and understand the following. If you have any questions, ask the Director or a Theatre official before auditioning.

  • You are not required to be a member of Javeenbah Theatre Company to audition for a part in a production. However, should you be offered a part, it is mandatory for you to become a member by completing a membership form and paying the applicable fee within 14 days of auditions being completed. Open membership application form >>
  • Before you audition, make yourself aware of the rehearsal and performance dates.
  • Most productions involve a rehearsal period of nine (9) weeks plus a three-week performance season, Thursday to Saturday nights inclusive. There’s usually an afternoon performance on at least one of the Sundays during the season. Variations to your rehearsal schedule are allowable only through negotiation with the Director.
  • Make the Director aware of any personal commitments to other ventures that may clash with rehearsals and performances BEFORE auditioning.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, Javeenbah Theatre Company will require verification of your date of birth. Children and young people under 18 who are involved in Javeenbah productions are not to be left alone with an adult unless there is also present a Javeenbah member who holds a Positive Notice Blue Card issued by the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian or its equivalent issued by another acceptable authority.
  • In plays of a contemporary nature, you will be required to provide your costume, or major elements of it. You will also be required to provide your own make-up. Plays which call for special costumes or complex make-up will have those items paid for by the theatre company.
  • The theatre company will not be held liable for any loss, damage or theft of personal property and belongings left on the premises outside normal rehearsal or performance times. Cast members are urged to apply vigilance and common sense to the security of personal belongings at all times.
  • During rehearsals, tea and coffee are provided for the comfort of the cast and crew free of charge. Any alcohol or soft drink removed from the bar is charged at the posted rate and is collected through the “honour” system. Alcohol can be served only by an authorised Javeenbah member and only during our licensed hours. Alcohol can be served to cast and crew only after rehearsals or performances.
  • Cast and crew members are required to keep the auditorium, foyer and kitchen areas clean and tidy during rehearsals.
  • Javeenbah Theatre is totally smoke free. Smoking is permitted only outside the building and only in areas where food and drink are not consumed.
  • Javeenbah Theatre Company may wish to use your photograph or a video clip in which you feature as part of its publicity. It is a condition of gaining a part in any production that you or your parent/guardian agree to publicity use of your photographic image.

Thank you for taking the time to read and fully understand the above items.

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