Billy Liar

Open 21st July 2017 - 5th August 2017

  • Directed by Dawn China
  • Written by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall
Set in the early 1960s, Billy Liar is unavoidably a play of its time. Yet, it’s also a play for our time, depicting the hyperactive imagination of a young man who is prone to inventing and telling lies to avoid his humdrum Northern family and job as a clerk in a funeral home. He dreams of life in the big city as a scriptwriter to “Danny Boon”, yet in reality his lies have got him engaged to three different girls. For Billy, an energetic mind makes his life tolerable but well-nigh intolerable for all around him. Billy Liar is black comedy at its best, and who could forget the 1963 film starring Tom Courteney and Julie Christie.