Open 17th November 2017 - 2nd December 2017

  • Directed by Kellie E. Silver
  • Written by Kellie E. Silver
When Lily and Tom inherit an old house, they are over the moon about having a place to raise their baby when it is born. However, as they set about restoring the dilapidated family home to its former glory, they begin to wonder if the house was more of a curse than a gift. With muddy water, shocking electricity problems, pest infections, foundation issues and meddling family members, the couple quickly begin to second-guess their decision to take on the “renovators delight”. When Lily stumbles upon a family heirloom with a dark history she finds herself obsessed with the item and seeks to uncover the troubled secrets in her family’s past. As she starts getting in too deep Tom soon discovers that living in a house that is falling down around them is the least of their worries… Obsession is an amusingly haunting story about a perfect couple, their unusual families and a past that will not let go.