Management Committtee 2019-2020

An incredible ‘team behind the scenes’ volunteer countless hours of their time to their ‘second family’ at Javeenbah Theatre.

Each committee member performs their invaluable duties with the greatest of pride, knowing they contribute in some way to the running of this marvellous little company.


Trevor Love

Naomi zerozeroone

Vice President

Naomi Thompson

Artistic Director

Kaela Gray

Jocelyn Moore-Carter


Jocelyn Moore-Carter

Assistant Secretary

Kylie Davis-Davenport

Jim Dickinson


Jim Dickson

Gillian Crow

Assistant Treasurer

Gillian Crow

Publicity Officer

Corinne Meunier


Theatre Manager

Eric Rea

Group Booking Officer

Doreen Hinton

07 5596 0300

Membership & Bookings Officer

Doreen Hinton

07 5596 0300

Front of House Manager

Gareth Hunt

Committee Member

Mikaela Murphy


Committee Member

Martin Ramshaw

Life Members

  • Max Bond *
  • Natalie Fitz-Patrick
  • Shaun Thorburn
  • Joan Stalker-Brown *
  • Marilyn Martin
  • Alistair Beer *
  • Jann Alcorn
  • Pat Aldam *
  • Trevor Love
  • Colin Crow
  • Christine McLachlan
  • Norm Strambini
  • Jim Dickson
  • Gillian Crow

* deceased

Updated 18 October 2019