Javeenbah is thrilled to now offer sponsorship & advertising packages to business’ and individuals!

Are you interested in assisting local communitiy organisations to provide much needed creative outlet to all our citizens? Then why not partner with Javeenbah theatre!

Download our 2022/23 Sponsorship Proposal package below and get in contact with us if you’re interested!


We’re super thankful to the below people for their generous donations to our theatre! Click here if you would like to donate to our little theatre, Any donation is appreciated!

Regular Donators (Monthly)

Jake Goodall

Dress Circle Level Donation ($100+)

Joseph Feeney

Martin Ramshaw

Balcony Seating Level Donation ($50-$99)

Christine McLachlan

Friends of Javeenbah Level Donation ($10-$49)

Anthony Kennedy

Day Magner

Jennifer Mclister

Julie Dignan

Michele Cameron

Astrid Trouw

Deanne Blackman

Ingrid Singleton

Josephine Holman

Karen Schmidt

Matthew Qualischefski

Michael Denny

Rachel Love

Vicki Lawrence

Daniel Dosek

Phillip Clowry

Leonie Shrimpton