On The Javeenbah Stage


Directed By Kaela Gray
Written By David Lindsay-Abaine
31 August 2024 – 14 September 2024

7.30pm 7th September – Auslan interpreted*

2pm 14th September – Relaxed Performance**

If you would like to book a carer/support worker ticket please email bookings@javeenbah.org.au

The year is 1999. Kimberly could be a typical 16 year old, if her life wasn’t anything but typical. A rare medical condition means her body’s aged 4 times faster than it should. Grey hair, failing eyesight and forgoing body glitter for anti-wrinkle cream doesn’t quite make you Miss Popularity. But Kimberly’s about to make a friend. And just maybe her life is going to change. If only her pregnant Mum could tone down the hypochondria. Hopefully her Dad will start keeping his word. And with any luck, her aunt’s new scheme won’t blow up in their faces.

*At this performance, experienced Auslan theatre interpreter will stand to the right side of the auditorium and interpret the story into Auslan, signing live.

**At this performance, audience members will be encouraged to be completely themselves during the show – to make sounds, move around, fidget or use noise cancelling headphones/ Modifications will be made to the entire theatre experience, to consider and care for those who may need specific supports.

Next Up


Produced By Kaela Gray
27-29 September 2024

Over three nights, the jBah stage opens up and invites you to join in. Try some theatre sports, give glee club singing a go or dust off your special talent for our open mic night.

27th: Theatre Sports

28th: Open Mic Night

29th: Glee Club

Main Squeeze 2024

Side Piece 2024


Coming Soon!!

Acknowledgement of Country

We pay our respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestors of this land, their spirits and their legacy. The foundations laid by these ancestors gives strength, inspiration and courage to the current and future generations, both indigenous and non-indigenous. Storytelling, a traditional method used to teach about cultural beliefs, values, customs, rituals, history, practices, relationships and ways of life, is embraced by Javeenbah Theatre, a cultural meeting place on the lands of the Yugambeh people. We honour this legacy of storytelling in our productions and practises.

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